Investment Criteria

CCG’s mission is to invest in and work closely with motivated management teams to build substantial strategic value in our businesses. We provide equity and mezzanine capital for businesses to enable an array of shareholder transactions or to facilitate growth or development projects, and pursue long-term investments in companies that typically possess the following characteristics:

  • Established businesses with annual revenues of $5 million to $30 million and a history of operating profitability. CCG normally targets businesses generating at least $500,000 in operating income or EBITDA.
  • Businesses with proprietary elements in their products, processes or market positions and operating in the following segments:
    • Manufacturing or Industrial Processes
    • Industrial and Business Services
    • Value-Added Industrial Distribution
  • Businesses with untapped potential, possessing opportunities for significant business development and value-driven growth
  • Operations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, New York and New Jersey

As a crucial element of its investment strategy, CCG is committed to partnering with capable, experienced and motivated management teams, and assists its portfolio companies through active board oversight. In contrast with many of today’s private equity investors, CCG partners are willing to “roll up the sleeves” and assist management teams in an array of business functions, including strategic planning, business development and capital planning, sales and marketing development, and the pursuit of external growth opportunities through mergers and acquisitions. Through collaborative partnerships with its management teams, CCG seeks to protect the competitive strengths of its portfolio companies while deepening their capabilities and working diligently to identify and pursue new markets and growth opportunities.