Dedicated to Helping Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Formed in 2000, CCG has been committed since its inception to assisting small and mid-sized businesses throughout our targeted region in identifying new markets, aggressively pursuing growth opportunities and developing sound strategic and tactical plans to make the most of such opportunities. When providing assistance and advice to our portfolio companies, CCG has a proven track record and the expertise to assist businesses in attaining their long-term goals.

Regional Commitment, Presence and Network

Over the last two decades, CCG has developed a strong reputation, regional presence and extensive network of service partners and advisors, including many trusted professionals in the fields of law, accounting, banking and business advisory services. Complementing this network are our relationships with economic development organizations and professionals throughout our geographic footprint, with whom we have partnered to grow and develop businesses in the region. We are proud to bring this wide-ranging and highly capable team to provide innovative ideas and solutions to our portfolio companies.

Customized Services for Niche Markets

We pride ourselves on tailoring specific solutions to suit specific situations, whether relating to the challenges of growing a business or structuring complex transactions. In our investment operations, where ownership transition is required, CCG ensures that it structures transactions that will position businesses for healthy futures, while also making sure that the needs and desires of prior owners are addressed. When consulting with our portfolio companies, we work to fully understand their specific situations, challenges, opportunities and underlying risks, before undertaking our own independent research and developing potential solutions and strategies.

In some industries and markets, our past in-depth experience is of particular use and importance to our clients and partners, especially in niche markets and industries such as:

Metal Products & Processing:

  • Foundries & Forging
  • Primary Metals & Processing Equipment


  • Energy & Power Generation
  • Industrial Controls & Systems

Traditional Manufacturing:

  • Plastic Injection Molding & Value-Added Assembly
  • Metal Fabrication & Machining

Manufacturing Technology:

  • Precision & Advanced Manufacturing
  • Industrial Equipment & Technology