Strategic Advisory & Management Consulting Services

Commonwealth Capital Advisors, LLC

Through our advisory arm, Commonwealth Capital Advisors, LLC, we provide an array of financial advisory, strategic advisory and management consulting for small and mid-size businesses.

In its management consulting business, CCG specializes in strategic analysis and planning, competitive landscape analysis and growth planning (capital project planning and implementation), among other related assignments. In certain select circumstances, CCG will provide more in-depth and protracted consulting services, including interim executive-level positions or other transitional leadership posts.

In its financial advisory business, CCG specializes in providing merger and acquisition advisory services (both buy-side and sell-side assignments) and strategic alternatives engagements. In addition to these services, CCG also has significant experience in providing financial restructuring advisory services for distressed and struggling businesses.

CCG is extremely proud of the close and long-lasting relationships that it has consistently developed with its advisory and management consulting clientele, with many such relationships lasting for multiple years and involving an ongoing sequence of challenging assignments in a variety of functions, fields and specialties. We are exceptionally proud that – through hard work and disciplined research – we have grown to be considered trusted, capable and insightful advisors by these clients.