Case Study - Representative Advisory Services


CCG was contacted by the owner of Engineered Plastics (the “Company or “EP”), a leading custom plastic injection molding and assembly company to act as its exclusive representative in the recapitalization and sale of the Company. The owner of EP was interested in finding a financial partner to help pursue identified growth opportunities within its industry, expand the new recycling arm of its business, and allow the current owner to have a partial liquidity event while still remaining with the Company and retaining a meaningful portion of the business. Initially, CCG spent significant time with the owner to fully understand his criteria in connection with a prospective buyer/financial partner to ensure only those that were the “right fit” be brought to the table. One particular requirement of the owner was that the financial partner/buyer could not be a competitor and had to have a long-term investment horizon that would exceed the typical timeframe of private equity investors.



After identifying and vetting an initial group of approximately 15 buyers, CCG narrowed the field to six prospective buyers to present to the owner of EP. Upon review, this list was narrowed to five. Each of these prospective buyers was granted a tour of the facilities and provided the opportunity to meet with management. All five provided a letter of intent (LOI), representative of the strong interest and appropriate fit of the prospective investors. After thorough analysis and elicitation of the final and best offers from the prospective parties, one group was selected to enter into formal due diligence. CCG assisted in the preparation of a confidential memorandum, management presentations, negotiations of the LOIs and all other marketing and due diligence materials.

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